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We help you monitor your pregnancy step by step, from the heartbeat of your child, both, your evolution and you baby’s and even your contractions.


Save and remember all the data of the baby’s birth and evolution.


Access and download our selection of recipes and if you have our chefy5 or chefy6 you can also download the full version.


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A great source of emotions and sensations for the baby! Endless possibilities, with multiple songs and sounds specially designed for the little ones and fully customizable.


You can access and view all the Miniland devices that you have connected: sweetbeat, humitop connect, musical teddies, scales and thermometers.

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Because we know that you are very busy, we help you organize medical appointments.

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The following Miniland baby products are designed to be complemented with miniland emybaby, obtaining the maximum performance and reliability from our baby monitors, heart listener, thermometers, scales and singing toys. Find the ones you like the most at our website.

Designed to promote the well-being of the baby and comfort for families

An app to manage all the evolution of the mother and the baby during pregnancy and the growth of children in their day to day life.

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"We use the app to listen and share our baby's heartbeat with our family. It was an incredible experience! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel our baby to the parents before he is born. :)"

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"I think it's a super useful app for first parents like us!

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